"Photo's are breath taking!" - Joanne Rockall

"The Photo's are so beautiful, they look so sweet and innocent, it looks amazing! especially in their frames" Dixon

"I have always been impressed of the works of Virginia Cinque. She has the talent of taking pictures, which puts her in a class of her own, and has the ability of finding unique angles that other photograhers' miss" Former editor Aylesbury Plus, Dick Dawson

"Many of the excellent and evocative photographs in 'Lost Villages of Bedfordshire' were taken by Virginia Cinque" - Bedfordshire Archaeological & History.

15 August
"I came across Virginia Cinque by complete accident. I hadn’t been looking for a course on photography, but I was not happy with some of the photos taken recently and I knew my camera had many more functions than I used. I contacted her and after an interesting discussion and a look at her web site decided to do her workshop session on light. Over coffee she outlined the session, took me through background notes she had written and established what my camera could do. We then went to several different outdoor locations with trees, open spaces, lakes and buildings to take photos. She showed me the difference achieved by taking a photo with the camera on automatic and setting either the aperture or the shutter speed, how to capture movement and how to frame a picture. Although the session was for a half day we went on into the afternoon, stopping for lunch. I learned a lot about my own camera, which was what I wanted to do and about assessing a location and taking a good photo. I came away with over 70 photos on my camera and when downloaded I had all of the information about the settings used to take them. Together with Virginia's notes these form an aide memoir. I had a very enjoyable day and intend to do more workshops with Virginia"
Susan Bradley

"Scraunchings from Beneath the Dottle Tree is well illustrated with picturesque photographs by the remarkable photographer Virginia Cinque" - Leighton Buzzard Observer

"Beautifully presented and illustrated photographs" - Bedfordshire Country Life Magazine

"Lost Villages of Bedfordshire is attractively illustrated with evocative photographs by Virginia Cinque" - Leighton Buzzard Observer

I enjoy the workshop day, it was fun and I learnt so much.
I would like to do another workshop day. Virginia workshops are great,
I didn't know how to use my camera but by the end of the day I had more understanding.
I had a fun, and really enjoyed the day.
Sharon Davis

STEVENAGE SWIMMING POOL held a fabulous competiton with A SHOT IN THE DARK PHOTOGRAPHY for an extremely successful event with great prizes to be won.


Parents with children and babies came along to be photographed at the pool during the week, which was an event filled with fun for the kids, and parents.

The management had a very difficult time deciding a winner, as all the entrants, which the parents put forward were exceptionally great kids. The photo's captured the very essence of what the competion was for - to find a great expression.

Having said this; Great news we have a winner we are pleased to announce that the winner is:

Farren Crichton.

May the Management of Stevenage Swimming Pool and A Shot in the Dark Photography, take the time to thank all the parents and children who participated in the contest, we hope you enjoyed it as much as us, you never know you may win next time.

We will be holding another competition within the next few months. - Watch this space for the next annoucement.

Farren - Winner at the Stevenage Swimming Pool



Fabio - Winner of the Robinson's Pool Competition



We finally have a winner in Bedford for the recent photographic competition held at Robinsons Pool.

Congratulations to you, and for all who have participated in the competiton. I hope you enjoyed it!

A special thank you to Simon who hosted the contest, and all his wonderful staff. who were so supportive.

Look out for the next competition held there again soon, as you could be the next winner!!. ...more

Charlie & Bailey


2/3rd June, 2012